Friday, 19 June 2009

Corrie Stalwart - Mike Baldwin

The late Mike Baldwin was brought into the serial as the owner of the newly built denim factory in 1976. As well as four wives, Mike had 25 girlfriends and during his 30 years on the show, Mike fathered three sons: Danny, Mark and Adam. His affair with Deirdre Barlow in 1983 made headlines and began his long feud with her husband Ken. In 1986, he angered Ken more when he married his daughter Susan. Their marriage lasted two years, ending when Mike rejected Susan’s intentions of having a child. Three years later he married Jackie Ingram, who he married for her money. A week after the wedding, Jackie confronted him with a gun and they later divorced. A year later, he married his true love according to fans, Alma Sedgewick. They’d previously dated before Mike married Jackie and their marriage lasted nine years and ended when Alma found out about Mike’s affair with Julia Stone. In 2000, Mike married factory machinist Linda Sykes but that also ended within the year after Mike found about Linda’s affair with his son Mark. In 2006, Mike began behaving strangely and was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s’ disease. While walking confused on Coronation Street, he was found by old rival Ken and suffered a heart attack and died in Ken’s arms.

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