Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

4. Hilda Ogden

At the same ranking as Corrieblog’s countdown, Hilda is a soap legend. On our screens for 23 years, she was leading the soap through its golden age during the 1970s and 1980s. Married to Stan for 41 years, Hilda was known for her curlers and her warbling singing voice while cleaning and symbolized the working-class woman of Northern England. Hilda and hubby Stan were inseparable even though life was hard and they constantly bickered. She was a cleaner and throughout her tenure she was employed as the Rovers cleaner. She constantly clashed with the formidable Annie Walker, who looked down on her and Stan. Hilda wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. As well as Annie, she had catfights with next door neighbour Elsie Tanner and even accused Elsie of having an affair with Stan! By 1984, Stan’s health deteriorated and he sadly died, leaving Hilda heartbroken. After his death, her soft touch came out when she provided a home for young Kevin Webster and later his wife Sally. Hilda left the street in 1987 and her neighbours gave her a farewell party on Christmas Day.

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Monday, 23 November 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

5. Tony Gordon

Following the footsteps of Alan Bradley and Richard Hillman, villain Tony Gordon was introduced in 2007 as the owner of a clothing firm who gave a contract to Underworld owners Carla and Liam Connor. Over the course of two years he courted and eventually married Carla, found out about Carla’s affair with her brother in law Liam and planned revenge by ordering a hitman to run Liam down on Tony’s stag night. Not only a murderer, he was a ruthless businessman. In 2008, he planned to expand Underworld and to do that he wanted to buy The Kabin and the garage. When that failed, he planned to demolish a terraced street where Jed Stone lived. Evicted Jed found himself lodging with Emily Bishop which infuriated Tony. And on Christmas Day 2008, Jed accused Tony of murdering Liam. Tony strangled Jed, who survived. Carla found out about Liam’s death and left Tony, who began a relationship with Liam’s widow Maria. He then proposed to Maria who accepted. In October 2009, Roy Cropper discovered Tony was a murderer and Tony tried to kill him as well. Guilty, he eventually confessed to the murder.

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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

6. Eileen Grimshaw

Is it a coincidence that Eileen has the same maiden name as Elsie Tanner, who also lived at No. 11? I believe the writers should look into that. Brought into the serial in 2000 with sons Jason and Todd, Eileen is currently one of the soap’s favourite characters, and is depicted as a strong no-messing woman. Like Elsie with Ena, Eileen found a nemesis in Gail Platt. Constantly clashing over their children’s relationships (Todd and Sarah and then Jason and Sarah), the two are very similar. They look out for their children. A memorable scene is Eileen and Gail brawling in the street – Corrie at its best! Never married, Eileen has had many boyfriends that include Dennis Stringer (who left her for Janice Battersby) and Ed Jackson (who turned out to be Ernest Bishop’s killer). She’s currently dating Jesse Chadwick. Working at the cab firm as the receptionist, Eileen has starred in many storylines that include discovering Todd was gay, Jason’s failed marriage to Sarah and finding out that dad Colin slept with best friend Paula in 1977 and that friend Julie was actually her sister.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

7. Vera Duckworth

For 34 years, Vera was an iconic figure on the cobbles of Coronation Street. Her perm, her foghorn of a voice and huge earrings became legendary. Originally working at the warehouse, she was later hired as a machinist at Mike Baldwin’s factory denim factory. In 1979, her husband Jack made and appearance and in 1981 he became a regular. They moved to Coronation Street in 1983, with son Terry. After Vera was made redundant from the factory and in 1995, she became the Rovers landlady. Jack and Vera were behind the bar for 3 years, before going bankrupt and then returning to 9 Coronation Street. Her last job was a cook at the local cafĂ©, Roy’s Rolls, and when she fell down the stairs, she decided to retire. Jack and Vera, like Stan and Hilda before them, were involved in many hilarious antics and their marriage is classed as one of the best partnerships on the soap. Jack and Vera celebrated their golden anniversary in 2007. A few months later, Jack and Vera decided to move to Blackpool. Sadly, Vera died in her armchair before they moved, ending an era on Coronation Street.

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