Monday, 22 June 2009

Corrie Double Act - Jack and Vera

As the Ogdens’ tenure was coming to an end, the Duckworths were just beginning. An instant hit, they were part of our lives for 25 years and like the Ogdens before them, had their highs and lows. Again, their personalities were the key for their success: Jack was a layabout who enjoyed supping beer in the Rovers while Vera was loud, bossy and nosy. In 1989, Jack and Vera made their mark by installing stone cladding on the front of their home, much to the annoyance of their neighbours. Vera was overwhelmed when her father told her that she was related to the Queen, and her status rose as she became the Rovers landlady in 1995, following the footsteps of the Queen of Coronation Street – Annie Walker. During their three year stint behind the bar, Jack and Vera shared countless classic scenes whether it was Vera seducing Jack with her red dressing gown or Jack pinching barmaid Betty’s bum. Sadly, they were kicked out and moved back to Number 9. For the next decade, their continued to classically bicker, whether it was about Jack investing in art or Vera naming their home ‘The Old Rectory’. After a quarter of a century on our screens, the partnership ended when Vera died in her armchair in 2008, leaving Jack lost. Jack continues to be in the serial.

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