Friday, 19 June 2009

Corrie Stalwart - Kevin Webster

Since Alf Roberts gave him a lift back in 1983, Kevin has led an eventful life. He was employed a mechanic at Brian Tilsley’s garage and soon enough, he moved into Number 11 with dad Bill and sister Debbie. Within a year, they had left the cobbles and Kevin became Hilda Ogden’s lodger. In 1986, he met Sally Seddon and they married the same year. They continued to live with Hilda until she sold the house to them as she was moving into the countryside. In 1990, Sally gave birth to Rosie and four years later, to Sophie. For many years, the young family led a quiet life until Kevin’s affair with Natalie Horrocks led to Kevin and Sally’s separation and later divorce. Kevin struggled to live without Sally, but soon found love in Alison Wakefield who he married in 2000. They had a son Jake who died the day after he was born. Grief struck, Alison later committed suicide by stepping in front of a lorry. In 2002, Kevin and Sally reunited and remarried, originally for the sake of the girls, but soon enough, it was true love again. Kevin currently owns the garage he bought from Mike Baldwin in 1997 with his business partner Tyrone Dobbs. Both his daughter have given him their share of grief with Rosie’s affair with her teacher John Stape leading to Kevin being sent to jail after he assaulted John on Christmas Day 2007.


  1. Great blog! Good luck!

    ps. Where's my Blanche?

  2. I wouldn't call her a stalwart, as she hasn't been in it that long. Although she first appeared in 1974, she has only made some appearances, compared to the stalwarts mentioned.