Friday, 19 June 2009

Corrie Stalwart - Ken Barlow

This man is an undisputed stalwart, as he is the only original character from the first episode in December 1960. Since then, we’ve seen him get married our times, father four children and date a record 27 girlfriends. First wife Valerie Tatlock was electrocuted and second wife Janet Reid left him. Third wife Deirdre Langton, regarded as his true love, divorced him after his infidelity with Wendy Crozier. He remarried Deirdre in 2005, much to the delight of their friends and family. Miraculously, he’s only fathered three children: Peter and Susan with Valerie in 1965 and Daniel with partner Denise Osbourne thirty years later. He adopted Deirdre’s daughter Tracy in 1986. Since his debut, nearly fifty years ago, Ken has had many occupations that include being a teacher, newspaper columnist and taxi driver. Ken had a twenty-year rivalry with Mike Baldwin, who had an affair with Deirdre and married daughter Susan. Ironically, Mike died in Ken’s arms in 2006. Although regarded as a bore by the media, Ken is known for his comedy partnership with Albert Tatlock in the seventies and eighties and this is repeated today with his chemistry with mother-in-law Blanche Hunt.

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