Friday, 19 June 2009

Corrie Stalwart - Audrey Roberts

Audrey first appeared for her daughter Gail’s wedding to Brian Tilsley in 1979. For the next five years, she would have a recurring role. In 1984, after chasing young men, she settled for grocer Alf Roberts and they married the following year, becoming the most loved couples in the soap’s history. Originally a floozy hairdresser, her marriage to Alf made her of a higher status. She was in her element as Alf’s lady when he became mayor in 1994, but was miffed when Alf sacked her and appointed Betty Turpin in her place. Audrey and Alf were married for thirteen years and she was devastated when he died of a stroke. After Alf’s death, she bought the local salon. As soon as Alf had passed away, Audrey was being charmed by Fred Elliott and he proposed to her in 2000. She declined stating that Alf was still a part of her. In 2002, she fell victim to son in law Richard Hillman’s clutches. He convinced her that she was losing her mind and even tried to kill her by setting her house on fire. Audrey’s accusations led to Gail banning her from family occasions and sided with Richard. When Richard confessed, Gail felt guilty and apologised to her mother. Since Fred, Audrey has been charmed by other gentlemen such as Archie Shuttleworth and Keith Appleyard.

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