Monday, 22 June 2009

Corrie Double Act - Swindley and Emily

A month after Jack and Annie’s debut, another double act appeared on the cobbles, in the form of bumbling Gamma Garments manager Leonard Swindley and his timid assistant Emily Nugent. The partnership lasted four years, and is still regarded a favourite by viewers. The foundation of this double act was Emily’s admiration for Swindley and her wish was to be his wife. He was totally oblivious to her feelings and he was shocked when she made a leap year proposal in 1964. They planned to marry, much to the amazement of their neighbours, but sadly, Emily got cold feet and jilted Swindley. He wasn’t upset and went on their planned honeymoon alone, while she returned to serve behind the shop counter. Before Emily confessed her love, they starred in some humorous scenes that included Emily having driving lessons from Swindley and Swindley running for a council seat. As well as in Gamma Garments, Swindley and Emily shared scenes at the religious centre on Coronation Street, the Mission Hall. They were in involved in the street’s activities that included plays, concerts and pantomimes and usually starred in the leading roles. The partnership ended when Gamma Garments closed and Swindley was transferred. Emily continues to be in the soap.

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