Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

17. Reg and Maureen Holdsworth

Reg Holdsworth first met Maureen Grimes in Llandudno in 1968 and they fell in love. It would be 24 years before they would meet up again. Maureen was stacking shelves at Bettabuys, where Reg was manager. They reignited their relationship but there was one problem: Maureen’s mum Maud. Maud disliked Reg and the feeling was mutual. Maureen had to play mediator between her mum and her boyfriend. Reg was desperate to consummate the relationship and a memorable scene is when he lured Maureen to his waterbed. Comically, it flooded after Derek Wilton accidentally drilled through it. They married in 1994 and bought the Corner Shop from Alf Roberts. Maureen managed the shop with Maud behind the counter and the three lived in harmony – Reg a member of the Square Dealers and Maureen a pillar of the community. Only after a year, the marriage turned sour as Reg was posted to a Bettabuys in Lowestoft. While there, due to his unfaithful nature, he found another woman – Yvonne Bannister. Reg left Maureen for Yvonne – who was pregnant with his child.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

18. Ernest and Emily Bishop

After dating many men, Emily Nugent met and fell in love with photographer Ernest Bishop in 1969. They shared the same interests and they became engaged in 1971. They married the following year and moved into 3 Coronation Street. By 1976, Ernest’s photographic business had gone bankrupt and he became the butt of all jokes when he became the first house husband while Emily was the breadwinner. Although they had a secure marriage, it was tested many times. Emily suffered a miscarriage soon after marrying and started a menopause in 1974. In a bid for Emily to connect with young children, they turned to short-term adoption. They also rowed when Ernest became a pianist at the Gatsby nightclub – accompanying Rita Littlewood. Ernest secured a job as a wages clerk at the newly opened factory Baldwin’s Casuals in October 1976 – a job that would cost his life. In 1978, two robbers burst into his office demanding money. While Ernest was trying to reason with them, Mike Baldwin walked in and startled the robbers and the gun went off, fatally shooting Ernest and Emily was left a devastated widow.

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

19. Ashley and Claire Peacock

After first wife Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman in January 2003, Ashley struggled to raise her son Joshua and so hired a nanny called Claire Casey. They fell in love and they married on Christmas Day 2004. On their first anniversary, Claire told Ashley that she was pregnant and Thomas was born in July 2006. When Ashley’s dad Fred Elliott died in October 2006, Claire wished to change his name to Freddie in honour of his granddad. During their six year marriage, the Peacocks have had their fair share of drama, from Claire’s post natal depression, Freddie being kidnapped by disturbed Casey Carswell who also tried to kill Claire and manipulate Ashley by having an affair with him. While Ashley has continued his father’s empire at the butchers shop, Claire has had various jobs, ranging from a bus driver, a helpline worker and currently works on the switch at Street Cars. As well as dramas, Ashley and Claire have starred in comic storylines that include a house swap with the Websters in 2008 and Claire forcing Ashley to have a vasectomy in 2009.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

20. Martin and Gail Platt

Gail Tilsley had been friends with young Martin Platt since his arrival in 1985, but it wasn’t until Gail’s hubby Brian’s death in 1989 that they became closer. Much to ex mother in law Ivy’s chagrin, the relationship developed and Gail fell pregnant. Although thinking of aborting it, she kept the baby and David was born on Christmas Day 1990. Martin and Gail married in 1991 and he adopted Nick and Sarah – Gail’s children with Brian. In 1993, the marriage was tested when Carmel Finnan was hired as the children’s nanny. She was obsessed with Martin and tried to split the Platts up, but Gail soon sent her packing. As Martin was seven years younger than Gail, he was tempted by other women and in 1999 he had an affair with nurse Cathy Power. Gail forgave him but she wasn’t as forgiving when he had an affair with another nurse – Rebecca Hopkins in 2001. They divorced the same year. After their divorce, they still remained close friends due. Martin was genuinely happy when Gail married Richard Hillman in 2002. When Richard tried to kill the family in 2003, it was Martin who saved them from drowning.

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

21. Ashley and Maxine Peacock

Although they were a mismatched couple, it was a popular one. After dating him and then moving in with him, Maxine married Ashley in 1999, seeking security more than ever. The marriage was troubled from the start with Maxine accusing Ashley of having an affair and Maxine having trouble getting pregnant by Ashley. When he was in surgery sorting the problem, Maxine drunkenly slept with local GP Matt Ramsden and fell pregnant. Joshua was born in 2001. Although he was angered that Matt was the father, Ashley vowed to forget about the subject and continued to live a happy life with his wife and baby. By 2003, the Peacocks were happy but it was all going to end tragically. Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman. He hadn’t intended to kill her though. His intended victim was Emily Bishop who was babysitting for the Peacocks. After bludgeoning Emily, Richard was disturbed by Maxine, who’d popped home to check on Emily and Joshua. While Maxine attempted to escape, Richard bludgeoned her as well. Emily survived the attack. At 26, Ashley was a widower and a single father.

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