Thursday, 12 August 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

9. Steve and Karen McDonald

Unlike other married couples, Steve and Karen ended up at the altar due to a bet. It was due to Janice Battersby stating that Karen could never keep hold of a man. Factory machinist Karen persuaded cabbie Steve to propose to her in the Rovers, which he did and both were surprised when they actually married in 2001, and found they were indeed in love. Underworld’s manager Joe Carter found Karen attractive in 2002, and although she resisted his advances, she soon fell for him, after discovering Steve had had a one night stand. Joe persuaded Karen to help him steal the factory off Mike Baldwin. Guilty Karen confessed to Mike in 2003, who sacked her and Joe left Weatherfield, and by then Karen had realised he had used her. Karen soon found herself with Steve again and asked for a divorce so she could have a dream wedding. They managed to convince the neighbours by publicly rowing and in 2004 they remarried. The wedding was dampened with Tracy Barlow’s revelation that Steve was the father of her daughter Amy. The second marriage was burdened with Karen’s feud with Tracy and Karen suffering a miscarriage. By Christmas 2004, the marriage had collapsed and Karen left Steve and Weatherfield and they divorced in 2006.

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Friday, 30 July 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

10. Alec and Bet Gilroy

Seventeen years after she became a permanent resident on the street and after many conquests, busty Rovers landlady Bet Lynch finally got married. But it was to a man who was completely different to her other boyfriends – bumbling Alec Gilroy. At first they were business rivals – Bet at the Rovers and Alec at the Graffiti Club. When the Rovers was being refurbished after the fire, the club boomed in business and when the pub reopened, Alec was best not pleased. But he came to Bet’s rescue when she had money problems, becoming manager of the Rovers. A business partnership turned into romance and Bet’s friends were amazed when she married him. Their marriage went better than expected, although Bet’s miscarriage in 1988 strained it somewhat. It was filled with sarcastic banter and as well as running the pub, Alec also ran a theatrical agency which also flourished, mainly with cruise liners. He was also jealous of Bet’s friendship with Mike Baldwin and Jack Duckworth – also aware that they were previous boyfriends. In 1992, after five years the marriage ended when Alec chose a job in Southampton over Bet and the Rovers and they divorced. Alec returned in 1996, but by then Bet had left.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

11. Len and Rita Fairclough

When Rita Littlewood first appeared on the cobbles in 1964, Len had just divorced his wife Nellie and was busy chasing Elsie Tanner. It would be in 1972 that she would reappear. She found herself attracted to Len and they began a romance. She was a nightclub singer and he a builder and their relationship was tempestuous. In 1973, Len bought a newsagent, called it ‘The Kabin’ and installed Rita as manageress. Their relationship nearly ended in 1974 when Len favoured a council scheme to demolish Coronation Street. He confided in Rita who blabbed. By 1975, they had rebuilt their relationship. In 1977, Rita got a singing offer in Tenerife and accepted. At the airport, she realised she loved Len and married him shortly after. Shortly after their wedding, Rita left Len over his stubbornness to make improvements at their home at 9 Coronation Street and she still envied next door neighbour Elsie who Len held a flame for, but they later reconciled. In 1981, Rita became broody and as they were too old to adopt, they fostered John Spencer and later Sharon Gaskell. In 1982, they moved next door to No. 7. Rita was devastated when Len was killed in a car crash in 1983. She was later shocked when it was revealed he had been visiting his mistress.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

12. Kevin and Sally Webster

The Websters’ marriage is one of Coronation Street’s longest onscreen marriages – lasting 21 years, off and on. They first met in 1986 when Kevin ruined Sally’s boots by driving through a puddle while she waited for a bus. They hit it off and began a courtship – much to Kevin’s landlady Hilda Ogden’s chagrin, who found Sally’s family the Seddons ‘common’. They were married in a few months and bought 13 Coronation Street from Hilda after she left the street. In 1990, Rosie was born followed by Sophie in 1994. Their marriage was secure until Kevin embarked on an affair with Natalie Horrocks. Although Sally forgave him, the marriage collapsed after her affair with Greg Kelly and they soon divorced. Kevin went on to marry Alison Wakefield in 2000 and son Jake was born soon after. By the end of the year, both Kevin’s new wife and son had died. Kevin and Sally soon find themselves in each other’s arms and in 2002 they remarried. During their second marriage, the couple have had to cope with teenage daughters, Rosie being kidnapped by John Stape and Sally being diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2009, Kevin embarked on an affair with Molly Dobbs – still unknown to Sally.

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

13. Jack and Annie Walker

The Walkers were the first double act in Coronation Street, appearing in the very first episode in 1960. What made them popular was their personality clash – Annie with her snobbishness and megalomania and Jack with his broad Lancashire accent and friendly approach. When they were introduced, Jack and Annie had been married for 23 years and had grown up children Billy and Joan. Being the landlord and landlady of the Rovers Return, the Walkers were at the centre of all the drama on the cobbles. As well as performing the soap’s earliest comic scenes, Jack and Annie also starred in some dramatic storylines that included Frank Turner blackmailing Jack and Annie being kidnapped as well as son Billy popping in and out of their lives, usually in debt. Humorous storylines included Annie accusing Jack of having an affair with Elsie Tanner. In 1964, Jack and Annie became Lucille Hewitt’s guardians after her father Harry and his wife Concepta left for Ireland and she gave them a new lease of life. The partnership lasted a decade. It ended due to Jack’s untimely death of a heart attack in 1970. After Jack, Annie had some gentlemen friends that included Gerald Prince, Arthur Dewhurst and Arthur Harvey, but none matched up to Jack.

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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

14. Les and Janice Battersby

Les and Janice, with daughters Leanne and Toyah, moved into 5 Coronation Street in 1997. While Les was unemployed and an ex con, Janice secured a job at Underworld factory. The minute they arrived, they caused havoc – clashing with neighbours Curly Watts and Des Barnes. Soon after they moved in, Les found out he had a son called Greg Kelly, a psycho who abused Sally Webster and was later imprisoned. Despite their constant rows, Les loved Janice (despite struggling to show it at times) but when he bought a deep-fat fryer for their anniversary, it seemed their marriage had run its course. In 2001, Janice had grown tired of Les and began an affair with his best mate and lodger Dennis Stringer, who was dating Eileen Grimshaw. Janice left Les for Dennis. Les, heartbroken, felt suicidal and tried drinking himself to death. Dennis rescued him, but on the way to the way to the hospital, they rowed and they crashed the car. Dennis died, Les survived. Janice was heartbroken and blamed Les for killing the man she ever loved. Despite trying to woo Janice (to no avail), Les met loudmouth Cilla Brown and married her. Janice meanwhile has had relationships with Mick Hopwood and Roger Stiles.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

15. Dev and Sunita Alahan

Sunita Parekh was an employee at one of Dev’s seven shops, after she fled from her arranged marriage in India. Soon enough, Dev hired her as an assistant at the corner shop and she moved into the flat. Sunita dated Ciaran McCarthy and planned to marry, but they didn’t. Dev, meanwhile, was dating lawyer Maya Sharma. Soon enough, Dev found Sunita behaving oddly and when she collapsed in the shop it was revealed that she had a brain tumour. Dev later proclaimed love to Sunita and dumped Maya who was not pleased. Dev and Sunita got married in 2004. Maya appeared again, wanting revenge. She framed Sunita for bigamy and Sunita was sent to jail for a while. Dev sorted things out and Maya was arrested but freed. Her next step was burning Dev’s shops, keeping Dev and Sunita hostage in the flat and then setting fire to it. They were saved and Maya then tried to run them over. She crashed into a lorry and was sent to a hospital. The Alahans settled to marital life and twins Aadi and Asha were born in 2006. The marriage ended when Sunita found out that Dev had fathered children from his shop assistants and divorced him. They reunited in 2010.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

16. Richard and Gail Hillman

Gail Platt met suave financial advisor Richard Hillman at friend Alma’s funeral. He fell for Gail and he soon moved in with her. But Richard had a dark side to him. He was a fraudster who apparently had conned elderly people, and he was doing the same to neighbours Emily Bishop and the Duckworths. Richard was not only a fraudster, but a murderer as well. He left Duggie Ferguson for dead and hit ex wife Patricia on the head with a shovel. With two deaths on his mind, he married Gail in 2002. Over the next months, Richard’s business suffered and was desperate for money and when he learnt the worth of mum in law Audrey, he tried to kill her by setting her house on fire. Audrey survived and realised that Richard was responsible. Her accusations led to her being estranged from Gail. Failing to kill Audrey, he moved on to Emily. While trying to kill her, he managed to murder Maxine Peacock. Gail suspected him and confronted him and he confessed. He was on the run for weeks before returning to kidnap the family and driving them into the canal. Only Richard perished. Gail and her family have been affected since.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

17. Reg and Maureen Holdsworth

Reg Holdsworth first met Maureen Grimes in Llandudno in 1968 and they fell in love. It would be 24 years before they would meet up again. Maureen was stacking shelves at Bettabuys, where Reg was manager. They reignited their relationship but there was one problem: Maureen’s mum Maud. Maud disliked Reg and the feeling was mutual. Maureen had to play mediator between her mum and her boyfriend. Reg was desperate to consummate the relationship and a memorable scene is when he lured Maureen to his waterbed. Comically, it flooded after Derek Wilton accidentally drilled through it. They married in 1994 and bought the Corner Shop from Alf Roberts. Maureen managed the shop with Maud behind the counter and the three lived in harmony – Reg a member of the Square Dealers and Maureen a pillar of the community. Only after a year, the marriage turned sour as Reg was posted to a Bettabuys in Lowestoft. While there, due to his unfaithful nature, he found another woman – Yvonne Bannister. Reg left Maureen for Yvonne – who was pregnant with his child.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

18. Ernest and Emily Bishop

After dating many men, Emily Nugent met and fell in love with photographer Ernest Bishop in 1969. They shared the same interests and they became engaged in 1971. They married the following year and moved into 3 Coronation Street. By 1976, Ernest’s photographic business had gone bankrupt and he became the butt of all jokes when he became the first house husband while Emily was the breadwinner. Although they had a secure marriage, it was tested many times. Emily suffered a miscarriage soon after marrying and started a menopause in 1974. In a bid for Emily to connect with young children, they turned to short-term adoption. They also rowed when Ernest became a pianist at the Gatsby nightclub – accompanying Rita Littlewood. Ernest secured a job as a wages clerk at the newly opened factory Baldwin’s Casuals in October 1976 – a job that would cost his life. In 1978, two robbers burst into his office demanding money. While Ernest was trying to reason with them, Mike Baldwin walked in and startled the robbers and the gun went off, fatally shooting Ernest and Emily was left a devastated widow.

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

19. Ashley and Claire Peacock

After first wife Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman in January 2003, Ashley struggled to raise her son Joshua and so hired a nanny called Claire Casey. They fell in love and they married on Christmas Day 2004. On their first anniversary, Claire told Ashley that she was pregnant and Thomas was born in July 2006. When Ashley’s dad Fred Elliott died in October 2006, Claire wished to change his name to Freddie in honour of his granddad. During their six year marriage, the Peacocks have had their fair share of drama, from Claire’s post natal depression, Freddie being kidnapped by disturbed Casey Carswell who also tried to kill Claire and manipulate Ashley by having an affair with him. While Ashley has continued his father’s empire at the butchers shop, Claire has had various jobs, ranging from a bus driver, a helpline worker and currently works on the switch at Street Cars. As well as dramas, Ashley and Claire have starred in comic storylines that include a house swap with the Websters in 2008 and Claire forcing Ashley to have a vasectomy in 2009.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

20. Martin and Gail Platt

Gail Tilsley had been friends with young Martin Platt since his arrival in 1985, but it wasn’t until Gail’s hubby Brian’s death in 1989 that they became closer. Much to ex mother in law Ivy’s chagrin, the relationship developed and Gail fell pregnant. Although thinking of aborting it, she kept the baby and David was born on Christmas Day 1990. Martin and Gail married in 1991 and he adopted Nick and Sarah – Gail’s children with Brian. In 1993, the marriage was tested when Carmel Finnan was hired as the children’s nanny. She was obsessed with Martin and tried to split the Platts up, but Gail soon sent her packing. As Martin was seven years younger than Gail, he was tempted by other women and in 1999 he had an affair with nurse Cathy Power. Gail forgave him but she wasn’t as forgiving when he had an affair with another nurse – Rebecca Hopkins in 2001. They divorced the same year. After their divorce, they still remained close friends due. Martin was genuinely happy when Gail married Richard Hillman in 2002. When Richard tried to kill the family in 2003, it was Martin who saved them from drowning.

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

21. Ashley and Maxine Peacock

Although they were a mismatched couple, it was a popular one. After dating him and then moving in with him, Maxine married Ashley in 1999, seeking security more than ever. The marriage was troubled from the start with Maxine accusing Ashley of having an affair and Maxine having trouble getting pregnant by Ashley. When he was in surgery sorting the problem, Maxine drunkenly slept with local GP Matt Ramsden and fell pregnant. Joshua was born in 2001. Although he was angered that Matt was the father, Ashley vowed to forget about the subject and continued to live a happy life with his wife and baby. By 2003, the Peacocks were happy but it was all going to end tragically. Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman. He hadn’t intended to kill her though. His intended victim was Emily Bishop who was babysitting for the Peacocks. After bludgeoning Emily, Richard was disturbed by Maxine, who’d popped home to check on Emily and Joshua. While Maxine attempted to escape, Richard bludgeoned her as well. Emily survived the attack. At 26, Ashley was a widower and a single father.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

22. Alan and Elsie Howard

After two failed marriages and a long string of men, Elsie Tanner met Alan Howard in 1969. Fancying his chances, Alan hired her as manageress in his newly opened hair salon. Although uninterested at first, Elsie agreed to a date. After many dates, Elsie married Alan in 1970. But the marriage was fraught with financial difficulties – Alan’s mainly. She found a rival in Janet Reid who tried to start a relationship with Alan, but Elsie saw her off. The marriage was tested in 1972 when Alan started drinking heavily. Elsie feared that he was an alcoholic after he nearly burned the house down after sleeping with a cigarette in his hand. Alan sobered up and recovered. In 1973, Elsie heard that son Dennis was in prison and, ashamed to admit to Alan, went to London under the pretence she was visiting old friend Sheila Crossley. In London, Elsie was knocked down by a taxi and when Alan went down to identify her, he suspected her of having an affair. Later that year, the Howards left for Alan’s native Newcastle. Elsie returned alone in 1976, now separated from Alan and divorced him in 1978.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

23. Don and Ivy Brennan

After first husband Bert died in 1984 and a romance with George Wardle in 1985, Ivy Tilsley met cabby Don Brennan in 1987 when he drove her home. Don was a widower, and he and Ivy married in 1988. Ivy’s life changed forever in 1989 when Brian was fatally stabbed. Already a staunch Catholic, she turned more towards religion and away from Don, leading to tension between them. Only being married for two years, Don soon realised that he had made a mistake in marrying Ivy as she became obsessed with the relationship of Gail with toy boy Martin Platt and the effect it had on Nick and Sarah Louise and even got Social Services involved. Don forced Ivy to apologise. By 1992, Don had an affair with barmaid Julie Dewhurst and when Julie later dumped him, he attempted suicide and had to have his lower leg amputated. Ivy, devastated by his adultery, turned to drink. They soon reconciled, but slept in separate rooms. Don left Ivy in 1994 and she went on a long retreat to a convent, where she suffered a stroke and die
d. Although he’d asked for a divorce, Don was left a widower for the second time.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

24. Brian and Gail Tilsley

It was in 1978 that Brian and Gail first met and although opposition from Brian’s staunch Catholic mother Ivy, they married the following the year. They moved into Buxton Close and Nick was born in 1980. Money problems and family arguments plagued the young couple with Gail clashing with Ivy while Brian clashed with Gail’s mother Audrey. For a few months in 1982, Brian was away working in Qatar and this made Gail doubt her marriage but it was put to rest when Brian returned and bought a garage on Archie Street. By 1986, the marriage had started to crumble with Brian paying more attention to his mum’s love life more than his own which led Gail to have an affair with Brian’s cousin Ian Latimer. Gail fell pregnant and, convinced that Ian was the father, Brian divorced her. Sarah was born in 1987 and Brian was indeed the father. The following year, Brian and Gail remarried for the kids’ sake. Both led separate lives with Brian drinking with his pals and Gail working long hours in the cafĂ©. In 1989, Brian was fatally stabbed outside a nightclub. The same night, Gail had told him she wanted a divorce.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

25. Ken and Valerie Barlow

Beating his brother to the 25th position is Ken Barlow
and his first wife Valerie Tatlock. They first met in 1961 when Valerie was visiting her uncle Albert. They dated and although Val had doubts that Ken was way above her station, they married in 1962. The newly weds moved into N°9 and Val converted the front room into a salon while Ken became a teacher. In 1965, Val gave birth to twins Peter and Susan. During their marriage, both Ken and Val had affairs: Val with Dave Robbins in 1963 and Ken with Jackie Marsh in 1966. In 1968, the Barlows moved into the newly built maisonettes. Soon after they moved in, Val was held hostage by convict Frank Riley but was saved by Ena Sharples. The Barlows nearly split up when Ken didn’t believe Val wasn’t raped. In 1969, Val got a job in Alan Howard’s salon, later owned by Dave Smith. In 1971, Ken accepted a teaching job in Jamaica and while drying her hair for their leaving do, Val was electrocuted, knocked the electric fire that led the house to go ablaze. Ken was in the Rovers at the time and the twins were with Uncle Albert. Ken was left a widower and a single father.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

26. David and Irma Barlow

Different to his brother Ken, David Barlow only married once – to Stan and Hilda Ogden’s daughter Irma. They first met in 1964 when David was visiting the street. Fun-loving Irma was flattered by David’s interest in her and when he proposed to her, she gladly accepted. David wanted a quiet wedding and convinced Irma not to tell anyone. But they were found out and surprised them by showing up at their reception. David soon retired from his career as a footballer due to injury and Irma convinced him to buy the corner shop from Lionel Petty. Irma later fell pregnant but suffered a miscarriage and this put pressure on their marriage as Irma was convinced that she would never have children. By 1968, David had grown tired of the shop and when he was offered to join a football team in Australia, as his leg was better, he jumped at the chance. Although reluctant at first, Irma agreed and they emigrated, selling the shop to Les and Maggie Clegg. Irma gave birth to Darren the same year. In 1970, they became involved in a car crash and David and Darren were killed. Irma returned to the UK, a widow and childless.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

27. Ray and Deirdre Langton

When Deirdre Hunt arrived on the cobbles in 1973, she was hired by Len Fairclough and Ray Langton as a secretary in their builder’s yard. Romantically, she b
ecame involved with publican son Billy Walker, much to the annoyance of his mother Annie. By 1974, they were engaged but Billy fled to Jersey in 1975, leaving Deirdre on her own. She found comfort in her boss Ray. Although Deirdre’s mother Blanche disapproved their relationship, they married the same year. Ray quickly found out that his wife wasn’t the quiet and submissive type and she wasn’t afraid to stand up to him. In 1977, Deirdre gave birth to Tracy and they moved into N°5. Their wedded bliss didn’t last long as Deirdre was sexually assaulted under the viaduct and she contemplated suicide. Ray didn’t believe that she wasn’t raped and this damaged the marriage, so much that Ray had an affair with Janice Stubbs. Deirdre found out and struggled to forgive him, and when he was offered a job in Holland, she refused to join him. He left and only returned in 2005 to make amends with her and Tracy before he died of stomach cancer.

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

28. Bert and Ivy Tilsley

Although Ivy had been part of the street since 1971, we didn’t see her husband Bert until 1979. At this time they’d been married for 23 years and had one son Brian born in 1958. Bert was introduced into the programme when Ivy expressed interest in 5 Coronation Street, now empty after Deirdre Langton had moved next door to N°3. During the four years that we saw the senior Tilsleys on our screens, it was Ivy’s hatred and judgement of daughter in law Gail as a wife, mother and as an Anglican that dominated storylines. Poor Bert had to be a referee between the two women and regularly escaped to the Rovers. Bert supported his son’s marriage and was besotted when grandson Nick was born in 1980. Originally unemployed, he found a job as a fitter in 1982 and then a mechanic at Brian’s garage. In 1983, he was injured in a compressor accident and was unconscious for two days. He returned to N°5 an invalid and later disappeared and was found dazed and confused in Bristol. He had suffered a breakdown and was admitted to hospital. He died off-screen in Bristol in 1984, leaving Ivy a devastated widow.

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