Monday, 22 June 2009

Corrie Double Act - Roy and Hayley

Originally a controversial storyline, the romance of Roy and Hayley blossomed to become the most loved in the soap’s history. What made it controversial was that Hayley was a transsexual. For the first few months, this would dominate their relationship, with them being rejected by the local church when they wanted to marry. They eventually married in the café with their friends around them. For over a decade, their scenes together have become loveable and scenes from the café are always a favourite, alongside the Kabin. Unlike other classic couples, Roy and Hayley are perfect for each other and enjoy the same interests: documentaries, railways and novels. When Hayley found out she had a son from when she was a man and that she met him behind Roy’s back, it threatened their marriage. In 2007, Hayley left for Africa to help build a school, leaving Roy to run the café alone. He soon found help in ex jailbird Becky Granger and neighbour Ken Barlow and during Hayley’s absence, both Becky and Ken shared memorable scenes with the unique Roy. When she returned, she seemed lost and later confessed to Roy that she had fallen for a co-worker in Africa, but she soon found out that he was a womaniser. Since then, Roy and Hayley’s scenes together have been limited.

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