Monday, 22 June 2009

Corrie Double Act - Rita and Norris

For the last decade, Rita Sullivan has had Norris Cole as her assistant at the Kabin, echoing her long running partnership with Mavis Riley. Their scenes mostly revolve around the Kabin and they star in humorous storylines (as well as Norris’ landlady Emily Bishop), that run side by side with the soap’s dramatic ones. Rita constantly rolls her eyes heavenwards when Norris is on a mission and has to apologise to customers for his rudeness towards them. Storylines together include them holding a séance in the Kabin backroom with Blanche Hunt and Betty Williams and the pair going on holiday to Hungary where Norris broke Rita’s foot, leaving her on crutches. Their relationship rose to a new level in 2007 when Norris revealed that he had fallen for Rita and after some advice from his friends and making Emily think that he wanted to marry her, he proposed to Rita. She rejected and since then, they have remained friends. Norris is generally protective of both Rita and Emily and he convinced Rita not to invest in Richard Hillman’s scheme and supported her when she was falsely accused of assaulting Chesney Brown. He recently comforted her when it was revealed her boyfriend Colin Grimshaw was a pervert and convinced her to return to serving behind the shop counter.

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