Monday, 22 June 2009

Corrie Double Act - Rita and Mavis

This was a partnership that lasted 24 years, longer than both their marriages put together. When Rita Littlewood realised she needed help to the run the newly opened newsagents called ‘The Kabin’, she appointed prissy Mavis Riley as her assistant. They became an instant hit, again due to the fact that their personalities clashed. Rita was independent, fiery and sexy compared to Mavis who was shy, reserved and timid. What made them funny was Rita’s constant eye rolling at Mavis’ dithering over her romantic status. While Rita was confident with men, Mavis was hesitant and both of them were shocked when two men were after Mavis: Derek Wilton and Victor Pendlebury. During their partnership, Rita married Len Fairclough and Ted Sullivan while Mavis settled for Derek in the end. Although Mavis was mocked by Rita, she was her rock when both Len and Ted died and during the Alan Bradley saga. In 1997, Derek died of a heart attack and Mavis decided to move from Weatherfield and live in the Lake District. She asked Rita to join her, and Rita agreed at first but reconsidered, stating that the street had a special place in her heart. Mavis left anyway, leaving her job, her home and her friends of nearly twenty five years. Rita continues to be behind the Kabin counter.

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