Friday, 19 June 2009

Corrie Stalwart - Alf Roberts

A favourite amongst viewers, the late Alf Roberts was part of the cobbles for nearly thirty years. Alf is known for his trilby hat and white grocer coat. Originally a GPO supervisor, he soon found himself helping Maggie Clegg at Coronation Street’s corner shop. Soon enough, Alf and the corner shop became inseparable. He proposed to Maggie but she declined, and Alf was taken aback when she later married Ron Cooke and immigrated to Zaire. Soon enough, Alf found another love interest, in the form of new shopkeeper Renee Bradshaw. They married in 1978 and were married until Renee was killed in a car/lorry collision in 1980. Alf soldiered on behind the counter with the help of assistant Deirdre Barlow. In 1984, Audrey Potter (who was fourteen years his junior) became interested in him and the following year they married and they soon became the most loved couples in the soap’s history. Alf retired from the corner shop in 1994. As well as being a grocer, Alf involved himself in local politics and was elected mayor twice: in 1973 (Annie Walker was his lady) and 1994 (both wife Audrey and long time friend Betty Turpin were his ladies). On New Year’s Eve 1998, Alf suffered a stroke and died in his armchair and he has left a huge gap on the cobbled street.

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