Friday, 19 June 2009

Corrie Stalwart - Betty Williams

For forty years, Betty has been a fixture behind the Rovers bar. She was hired by Jack Walker in 1969 and soon clashed with his snobbish wife Annie. But, she was popular with the customers, and still is. With Jack’s passing, busty Bet Lynch was hired as a barmaid and Betty and Bet embarked on a friendship that lasts to this day. Betty is known for her Lancashire hotpot and it has been under scrutiny in the past by Alec Gilroy, Vera Duckworth and Vernon Tomlin, but it’s still on the pub’s menu. Unlike other Street women, Betty hasn’t been romantically involved with anyone, apart from her two husbands. During her first five years on the soap, Betty was married to Cyril Turpin. Sadly, he died of a heart attack. For the next 21 years, Betty’s marital status was a widow. In 1995, on VE Day’s fiftieth anniversary, Betty met her wartime sweetheart, Billy Williams. And, at the age of 75, Betty married Billy. Two years later, Betty faced widowhood again when Billy also died of a heart attack. Betty’s biggest storyline was in 1974, when it was revealed that she was actually the mother of her supposed ‘nephew’ Gordon Clegg. He had been brought up by Betty’s sister Maggie and her husband Les. Betty occasionally visits Gordon and his family in London.

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