Monday, 31 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

26. Raquel Watts

Beating her ex husband to the 26th position is ditzy Raquel Watts. Introduced as an assistant at Bettabuys, she was later a barmaid at the Rovers, forming a close friendship with fellow barmaids Bet Gilroy and Betty Turpin. Soon enough, she was in a relationship with Des Barnes, but it ended when his ex Steph returned. After failed relationships with Gordon Blinkhorn and Wayne Farrell, Raquel married Curly in 1995 – but the aching truth was, she never loved him. She longed for Des. She eventually left Curly – not for Des, but for a job in Malaysia. Blonde and beautiful, Raquel was a vital comic character in the nineties and her random conversations were always favourites. Notable scenes include having French lessons with Ken Barlow in the Rovers backroom and having a conversation about football with Alma Baldwin and Denise Osbourne in the Rovers bar. Five years after her departure, Raquel appeared on Curly’s doorstep with a 5 year old girl called Alice – revealed to be their daughter. She also asked for a divorce and Curly agreed, and she left Weatherfield again – to France this time.

Should Raquel be at 26? Or lower at 28? Leave comments!

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