Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

36. Leonard Swindley

Pompous draper Leonard Swindley was a part of the cobbles for the first five years. He worked at clothes shop Gamma Garments under Mr Papagopolous and was a prominent figure at the Mission Hall. The mission’s caretaker Ena Sharples was a constant thorn in Swindley’s side and they often clashed – most notably when teetotaller Swindley sacked her for drinking during working hours. As well as his scenes with Mrs Sharples, Swindley is well remembered for his humorous scenes with his shop assistant Emily Nugent – or Miss Nugent as he would call her. The foundation of this double act was Emily’s admiration for Swindley and her wish was to be his wife. He was totally oblivious to her feelings and he was shocked when she made a leap year proposal in 1964. They planned to marry, much to the amazement of their neighbours, but sadly, Emily got cold feet and jilted Swindley. Other storylines Swindley had was teaching Emily to drive, when he was running for a council seat and when they organised social activities. He left in 1965 when he was promoted to the head office of Gamma Garments.

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