Friday, 21 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

34. Phyllis Pearce

First appearing in 1982, Phyllis was dubbed as the new Ena Sharples, but it seemed that Phyllis was more of an old dear than a battleaxe. Originally the grandmother of Craig Whiteley and a thorn in his paternal grandad’s Chalkie’s side, Phyllis was seen as interfering and worried for the welfare of her grandson. But after Craig and Chalkie immigrated to Australia, blue rinsed and croaky voiced Phyllis set her sights on community centre caretaker Percy Sugden. Not interested, Percy even became engaged to Maud Grimes to prove his disinterest, but Phyllis was still ignorant. Although in her sixties, she found regular employment at Jim’s Café alongside Alma Sedgewick, Gail Tilsley and Martin Platt and became Des Barnes’ cleaner at Number 6. Played by Jill Summers, Phyllis was a part of the cobbles for 14 years and by the mid nineties, she was retired from the café when Alma took a more active role. Phyllis left the street in 1996, to a retirement home in Mayfield Court. Summers hoped to reprise the role once she’d be better, but she died in 1997.

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