Monday, 10 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

43. Alan Bradley

Dubbed as the first long term villain on the cobbles, Alan Bradley’s reign of terror lasted three years. Played by Mark Eden, Alan was introduced in 1986 as the father of Rita Fairclough’s foster daughter Jenny and soon enough was dating Rita. Rita was attracted to him as he reminded of her deceased hubby Len. Unsure of their relationship, Alan embarked on an affair with Gloria Todd, but reunited with Rita when he considered how much money she had. They courted and when Rita rejected both his marriage proposals, and planned revenge – stealing her money. For many months, Alan stole from an oblivious Rita. When Rita found out and confronted Alan, he attempted to suffocate her with a cushion, only to be disturbed by Jenny and her boyfriend Martin Platt. Alan fled and when he was caught, he appeared in court, but was released that day and planned further revenge on Rita – stalking her and mentally tormenting her. Horrified, Rita fled to Blackpool and Alan followed her there. When she saw him on the promenade, she ran and he followed her, only to be fatally hit by a tram, ending Rita’s nightmare.

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