Friday, 28 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

29. Alma Halliwell (known as Alma Baldwin)

At 29 is Audrey’s best friend for twelve years – Alma Halliwell. Played by Amanda Barrie, Alma first appeared in 1981, when she sacked Elsie Tanner from the café. Originally, she was married to café owner Jim Sedgewick, but they divorced in 1982 and Alma moved to Florida, before returning in 1989. She became a partner in the café with Gail Tilsley and soon fell for Mike Baldwin, who she eventually married in 1992. A popular couple, they were married for nine years, until Mike’s affair with Julia Stone. Alma was quite prominent in the storyline when Don Brennan tried to kill Mike. Don kidnapped Alma and put her in the boot of his cab, before he drove into the canal. Both survived. Don eventually died when he crashed Alma’s car into the viaduct. When she sold the café to Roy Cropper, Alma secured a job at Firman Freezers, where she befriended Hayley Patterson. Alma played Cupid between Roy and Hayley and was overwhelmed when they married in 1999. In 2001, Alma received devastating news that she had cervical cancer and she died at home with her friends around her.

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