Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

48. Maggie Cooke (known as Maggie Clegg)

Played by Irene Sutcliffe between 1968 and 1975, Maggie Clegg was an undisputed pillar of the community, as the proprietor of the corner shop. She moved into the street in 1968 with hubby Les and son Gordon. It was later revealed that Les was an alcoholic and Maggie divorced him in 1970. Alf Roberts took a shine to Maggie and asked her to become his lady when he was elected mayor in 1973. Maggie rejected and Rovers landlady Annie Walker got the job – filling the job perfectly. Alf proposed marriage to Maggie – she refused that as well. Alf was heartbroken when Maggie met and married recovering alcoholic Ron Cooke in 1974. Maggie had an aroma for luring alcoholics – first Les and then Ron! Ron got a job offer in Zaire and both he and Maggie emigrated, leaving the shop in the care of Maggie’s son Gordon. Maggie had to return when it was revealed that she was indeed the aunt of Gordon – not his mother. It was Maggie’s sister Betty Turpin who was his mother! Maggie returned to Zaire in 1975, and has not been in the UK since!

Does she deserve her position at 48? You think she should visit Betty? Leave comments!

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