Friday, 14 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

40. Spider Nugent

At 40 is another one who was a lodger at Number 3, and indeed he was related to the landlady. Spider (his real name’s Geoffrey) was Emily Bishop’s nephew. He appeared in 1997 and remained in the programme until 2003. He appeared on his aunt’s doorstep and brought a smile to dear Emily’s face. An eco warrior, he persuaded his aunt to spend a night up a tree as a protest to keep the Red Rec open. He’s also remembered for playing the didgeridoo and for dating next door neighbour Toyah Battersby. As well as his Auntie Emily and Toyah, Spider had support from Roy Cropper and Ken Barlow and often clashed with Fred Elliott (due to Spider being a veggie) and Audrey Roberts (they fought for a council seat, but Audrey won). In 2001, Geoffrey left for India but returned in 2003 to help his aunt recover after she was attacked by Richard Hillman and to woo back Toyah and both of them left for London.

Should Spider be at 40? Or should he be at 7 like in Corrieblog's poll? Do you think he should visit his aunt, as she soon celebrates her 80th birthday in October? Leave comments!

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