Monday, 3 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

50. Fred Gee

In the last position, with no votes – one of two to receive no votes – is former Rovers barman and cellar man Fred Gee. Played by a man with the same first name, Fred Feast, Fred first appeared on the cobbles in 1975, after first wife Edna died in the warehouse fire. Soon enough, he was hired by landlady Annie Walker after the Rovers had been broken into. At first he was seen as mild mannered, but soon enough his real personality was revealed – coarse, idle and ignorant. After a fling with Vera Duckworth, he married Eunice Nuttall in 1981, in a bid to buy a pub – it failed and they were separated within a year. He was the only man amongst the Rovers staff and one asks why he worked there for such a long period due to the treatment he had from his coworkers – Annie dominated him, Bet Lynch ridiculed him and Betty Turpin didn’t hide her contempt of him – Corrie at its best! After seven years behind the bar, Fred was dismissed by Billy Walker and never graced our screens and was killed off in 1999, due to Feast’s death.

Does he deserve to be at 50? Does he deserve to be in the poll? Leave comments!

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