Sunday, 16 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

38. Ivy Brennan (known as Ivy Tilsley)

Although she first appeared in 1971, Ivy didn’t make her mark until 1979 – when son Brian married Gail Potter. Staunch Catholic Ivy hated the fact that ‘our’ Brian had married an Anglican. She was soon given the nickname ‘Poison Ivy’ by the media and she was pictured as the mother in law from hell! Originally working at the warehouse, Ivy is also remembered for being shop steward at Mike Baldwin’s factory and leading strikes and often clashing with supervisor Elsie Tanner. Her friendship with Vera Duckworth - who she would often gossip and attend bingo halls with - was very strong and lasted nearly twenty years. She moved to the street in 1979 and lived at Number 5 – with first hubby Bert until his death in 1984 and then with second hubby Don between 1988 and 1994. Her marriage to Don wasn’t a happy one, and they often argued. Her feud with Gail lasted 15 years, worsening after Brian’s stabbing in 1989. Lynne Perrie (who played Ivy) was controversially sacked in 1994 and Ivy was sent to a religious retreat and was killed off the following year.

Is Ivy at 38 for you? Or does she remain at 39 like in Corrieblog's poll? Leave comments!

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