Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

42. Len Fairclough

Beating Alan Bradley to the 42nd position is another of Rita’s conquests – first husband and her one true love – Len Fairclough. A mainstay on the programme for 22 years, Len was one of the leading men on the street – alongside Ken Barlow and Alf Roberts. He was introduced in 1961, although he was known by the show’s characters since the 1940s. During his early years, he constantly wooed old friend Elsie Tanner and when she was often dumped by boyfriends, he would be there for her. By the 1970s, he was dating exotic dancer Rita Littlewood who he married in 1977, after a five year courtship. Len’s marriage to Rita was always tempestuous; as she reminded him of old flame Elsie – independent, sexy and her fiery ginger hair! Len was a builder and he had his own builder’s yard and had many workmates and he was responsible for rebuilding Number 7 in 1982 after its demolition in 1965. In 1983, the actor who played Len, Peter Adamson, was controversially sacked and Len was killed off-screen in a car crash, on his way from seeing a mistress in Ashton.

Should Len be at 42? Or should he be at 36 like in Corrieblog’s poll? Leave comments!

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