Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

20. Martin and Gail Platt

Gail Tilsley had been friends with young Martin Platt since his arrival in 1985, but it wasn’t until Gail’s hubby Brian’s death in 1989 that they became closer. Much to ex mother in law Ivy’s chagrin, the relationship developed and Gail fell pregnant. Although thinking of aborting it, she kept the baby and David was born on Christmas Day 1990. Martin and Gail married in 1991 and he adopted Nick and Sarah – Gail’s children with Brian. In 1993, the marriage was tested when Carmel Finnan was hired as the children’s nanny. She was obsessed with Martin and tried to split the Platts up, but Gail soon sent her packing. As Martin was seven years younger than Gail, he was tempted by other women and in 1999 he had an affair with nurse Cathy Power. Gail forgave him but she wasn’t as forgiving when he had an affair with another nurse – Rebecca Hopkins in 2001. They divorced the same year. After their divorce, they still remained close friends due. Martin was genuinely happy when Gail married Richard Hillman in 2002. When Richard tried to kill the family in 2003, it was Martin who saved them from drowning.

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