Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

12. Kevin and Sally Webster

The Websters’ marriage is one of Coronation Street’s longest onscreen marriages – lasting 21 years, off and on. They first met in 1986 when Kevin ruined Sally’s boots by driving through a puddle while she waited for a bus. They hit it off and began a courtship – much to Kevin’s landlady Hilda Ogden’s chagrin, who found Sally’s family the Seddons ‘common’. They were married in a few months and bought 13 Coronation Street from Hilda after she left the street. In 1990, Rosie was born followed by Sophie in 1994. Their marriage was secure until Kevin embarked on an affair with Natalie Horrocks. Although Sally forgave him, the marriage collapsed after her affair with Greg Kelly and they soon divorced. Kevin went on to marry Alison Wakefield in 2000 and son Jake was born soon after. By the end of the year, both Kevin’s new wife and son had died. Kevin and Sally soon find themselves in each other’s arms and in 2002 they remarried. During their second marriage, the couple have had to cope with teenage daughters, Rosie being kidnapped by John Stape and Sally being diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2009, Kevin embarked on an affair with Molly Dobbs – still unknown to Sally.

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