Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

23. Don and Ivy Brennan

After first husband Bert died in 1984 and a romance with George Wardle in 1985, Ivy Tilsley met cabby Don Brennan in 1987 when he drove her home. Don was a widower, and he and Ivy married in 1988. Ivy’s life changed forever in 1989 when Brian was fatally stabbed. Already a staunch Catholic, she turned more towards religion and away from Don, leading to tension between them. Only being married for two years, Don soon realised that he had made a mistake in marrying Ivy as she became obsessed with the relationship of Gail with toy boy Martin Platt and the effect it had on Nick and Sarah Louise and even got Social Services involved. Don forced Ivy to apologise. By 1992, Don had an affair with barmaid Julie Dewhurst and when Julie later dumped him, he attempted suicide and had to have his lower leg amputated. Ivy, devastated by his adultery, turned to drink. They soon reconciled, but slept in separate rooms. Don left Ivy in 1994 and she went on a long retreat to a convent, where she suffered a stroke and die
d. Although he’d asked for a divorce, Don was left a widower for the second time.

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