Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

16. Richard and Gail Hillman

Gail Platt met suave financial advisor Richard Hillman at friend Alma’s funeral. He fell for Gail and he soon moved in with her. But Richard had a dark side to him. He was a fraudster who apparently had conned elderly people, and he was doing the same to neighbours Emily Bishop and the Duckworths. Richard was not only a fraudster, but a murderer as well. He left Duggie Ferguson for dead and hit ex wife Patricia on the head with a shovel. With two deaths on his mind, he married Gail in 2002. Over the next months, Richard’s business suffered and was desperate for money and when he learnt the worth of mum in law Audrey, he tried to kill her by setting her house on fire. Audrey survived and realised that Richard was responsible. Her accusations led to her being estranged from Gail. Failing to kill Audrey, he moved on to Emily. While trying to kill her, he managed to murder Maxine Peacock. Gail suspected him and confronted him and he confessed. He was on the run for weeks before returning to kidnap the family and driving them into the canal. Only Richard perished. Gail and her family have been affected since.

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