Thursday, 18 March 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

19. Ashley and Claire Peacock

After first wife Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman in January 2003, Ashley struggled to raise her son Joshua and so hired a nanny called Claire Casey. They fell in love and they married on Christmas Day 2004. On their first anniversary, Claire told Ashley that she was pregnant and Thomas was born in July 2006. When Ashley’s dad Fred Elliott died in October 2006, Claire wished to change his name to Freddie in honour of his granddad. During their six year marriage, the Peacocks have had their fair share of drama, from Claire’s post natal depression, Freddie being kidnapped by disturbed Casey Carswell who also tried to kill Claire and manipulate Ashley by having an affair with him. While Ashley has continued his father’s empire at the butchers shop, Claire has had various jobs, ranging from a bus driver, a helpline worker and currently works on the switch at Street Cars. As well as dramas, Ashley and Claire have starred in comic storylines that include a house swap with the Websters in 2008 and Claire forcing Ashley to have a vasectomy in 2009.

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