Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Top 30 Coronation Street Couples

11. Len and Rita Fairclough

When Rita Littlewood first appeared on the cobbles in 1964, Len had just divorced his wife Nellie and was busy chasing Elsie Tanner. It would be in 1972 that she would reappear. She found herself attracted to Len and they began a romance. She was a nightclub singer and he a builder and their relationship was tempestuous. In 1973, Len bought a newsagent, called it ‘The Kabin’ and installed Rita as manageress. Their relationship nearly ended in 1974 when Len favoured a council scheme to demolish Coronation Street. He confided in Rita who blabbed. By 1975, they had rebuilt their relationship. In 1977, Rita got a singing offer in Tenerife and accepted. At the airport, she realised she loved Len and married him shortly after. Shortly after their wedding, Rita left Len over his stubbornness to make improvements at their home at 9 Coronation Street and she still envied next door neighbour Elsie who Len held a flame for, but they later reconciled. In 1981, Rita became broody and as they were too old to adopt, they fostered John Spencer and later Sharon Gaskell. In 1982, they moved next door to No. 7. Rita was devastated when Len was killed in a car crash in 1983. She was later shocked when it was revealed he had been visiting his mistress.

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