Monday, 28 September 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

14. Roy Cropper

Roy was brought into the soap in 1995 as the eccentric neighbour of Deirdre Rachid at Crimea Street. A secondary character for two years, then producer Brian Parks decided he had potential and made him a partner at the café with Gail Platt. Roy was and still is a popular and well loved character, known for his historical linked conversations and for being a bit serious. A year after he became a regular, a love interest for Roy was introduced, in the form of Hayley Patterson. But Hayley was no ordinary woman – she was a transsexual. Although controversial, Roy and Hayley married in 1999, although not by deed poll, in the café after being rejected by the church. Over their decade of a marriage, the Croppers have been established as a popular couple, in the same league as Jack and Vera, Stan and Hilda and Ken and Deirdre. Roy has starred in many storylines that include thinking he was the father of Tracy Barlow’s daughter Amy, taking Fiz Brown and Becky Granger in, being suspected of dealing drugs with Ken Barlow and finding out that Hayley had a son from when she was called Harold.

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