Friday, 11 September 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

20. Norris Cole

Following the footsteps of bumbling businessmen Leonard Swindley and Reg Holdsworth, Norris Cole made his first appearance in 1994, annoying Derek and Mavis Wilton by stealing gnomes! Don’t ask! He became a regular in 1999 when he found lodgings with Emily Bishop and secured a job as Rita Sullivan’s assistant in the Kabin, forming a new double act. Storylines that Norris has starred in include holding a séance in the Kabin backroom, winning a contest in the Rovers when he dressed up as Eartha Kitt and representing Manchester in the Commonwealth Games. He is also known for being rude and enjoys gossiping about the neighbours. As well as being a comic character, Norris has starred in serious storylines such as meeting up with half brother Ramsay Clegg, proposing to good friend Rita (she declined) and trying to convince street folk that Richard Hillman was a crook. Known for being camp, he surprised Emily and Rita when he became friends with Mary Taylor. She had fallen for him and wished to travel the world with him, but he was happy on the cobbles and Mary left without him.

Should Norris be at 20? Or lower at 22? Leave comments!


  1. Boo! I can't stand Norris, put him at the bottom of the queue in my opinion!

    Odious little man.

  2. Norris and Mary would make a fantastic couple. Norris is a great character to watch and a funny character too.