Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

16. Becky McDonald (known as Becky Granger)

In the course of three years, Becky has developed from a drug dealer who stole Roy and Hayley Cropper’s Morris Minor with friend Neil Ackroyd to a funny and loveable part of the cobbles, now that she’s married to Rovers landlord Steve McDonald. She was brought in as an ol
d friend of Kelly Crabtree in 2006, who she soon framed for theft. She fled the street but returned and found refuge at Roy’s Rolls, but she took advantage by stealing from the till and threatening customers. As always, Roy and Hayley forgave her and thus began a wonderful trio. When Hayley left the street for a year to build a school in Africa, Becky moved in with Roy and a double act was born, as well with cafĂ© worker Ken Barlow. Although she’s best known as a comic, Becky has starred in key storylines, making her one of the strongest females in the soap’s history. Storylines including a romance with Jason Grimshaw, a love triangle between herself, future husband Steve and Steve’s girlfriend at the time and Becky’s best friend, Michelle Connor and being framed for keeping drugs by a bent copper.

Should Becky be at 16? Is she a Coronation Street icon as people say? Leave comments!

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  1. She's on the way to becoming a Coronation Street Icon. I'm glad she made it in the top 50