Monday, 14 September 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

19. Minnie Caldwell

Personally, I don’t think there’s never been a character like Minnie Caldwell and there never will be. An original character, she graced the cobbles for 16 years and although she didn’t have a great effect on the street, viewers think of Minnie with affection. Known for her love of cats, Minnie was part of the trio in the snug with Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst. Martha’s sudden death in 1964 brought Minnie and Ena closer and they were untied for the next twelve years. A soft touch, she kept lodgers – the most famous being ex con Jed Stone in the sixties who fondly called Minnie ‘Ma’. As well as cats (Bobby and Sunny Jim), Minnie loved betting on the horses and was good friends with the bookie Dave Smith, although she did go missing when she went into debt. While Ena was her best friend, Minnie became engaged to Albert Tatlock in 1973 but she called it off when she found his habits annoying. In 1976, with Margot Bryant (who played Minnie) suffering memory loss, she was written out and was whisked off to Whaley Bridge with gentlemen friend Handel Gartside and we never saw her again.

Should she be at 19? Or lower down at 27? Leave comments!

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