Saturday, 5 September 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

22. Ken Barlow

Like the cobbles, Kenneth Barlow is a fixture on Coronation Street. He is the longest running character and the only original character left. During his five decades on the street, Ken has married four times and has dated 27 girlfriends! His first marriage to Valerie lasted nine years before she was electrocuted in 1971. Second wife Janet left him after a few months of marriage in 1973. He met his true love in the form of Deirdre in 1979 and they married in 1981. The marriage ended in 1990 when Ken had an affair. Fifteen years later, he remarried Deirdre. Miraculously, he’s only fathered three children: twins Peter and Susan in 1965 and Daniel thirty years later. Known for his quiff, Ken’s had numerous occupations that have included being a teacher, newspaper columnist and a cab driver. Ken had a 20 year rivalry with Mike Baldwin, who had an affair with Deirdre in 1983 and married Susan in 1986. Ironically, Mike died in Ken’s arms in 2006. Although referred as boring, Ken has starred in comic scenes – with Albert Tatlock in the 70s and 80s and currently with Blanche Hunt.

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  1. Oh, Kenneth's the man! He should be a lot higher!