Friday, 4 September 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

23. Stan Ogden

One half of Coronation Street’s most successful partnerships – Stan and Hilda Ogden. Providing comedy for the cobbles for twenty years, they provided the mould for the Duckworths later. Many people, remember Stan for being lazy, bumbling and workshy but back in 1964, he was known to abuse his children and wife Hilda. But by the 1970s, that was forgotten and he was a comedy asset to the soap. Over his two decade tenure, Stan had many jobs that included being a milkman, window cleaning and a labourer at the builder’s yard. Unlike Hilda, Stan was happy with his ordinary life on the street, supping beer in the Rovers, putting a bet on the horses and doing the pools. In 1976, Stan was in heaven when he was locked in with Albert Tatlock in the Rovers’ cellar, surrounded by barrels of beer. In 1980, Eddie Yeats became a lodger at Number 13, providing more comic scenes between him and Stan. By 1983, Bernard Youens (who played Stan) was unwell and in 1984 the character died off-screen, ending a forty year marriage to Hilda and leaving a huge gap on the cobbles.

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