Friday, 10 July 2009

Photos from 90s Corrie

1. Betty Williams celebrated 30 years as a Rovers barmaid in 1999 and was overjoyed when the regulars held a party for her and she was surprised when Bet Lynch returned to congratulate her
2. In 1994, Alf Roberts received an OBE and he was accompanied by both wife Audrey and his mayoral lady Betty Turpin
3. Emily Bishop was given a new lease of life when nephew Geoffrey appeared on her doorstep and persuaded her to be an eco warrior by sitting in a tree as a form of protest to protect the Red Rec
4. Rita Fairclough met and married Ted Sullivan in 1992 and they had three happy months together before he died of a brain tumour
5. Derek and Mavis Wilton were the butt of their neighbours' jokes and their partnership abruptly ended when Derek had a fatal heart attack in 1997
6. None of the residents of the street expected to see Jack and Vera Duckworth owning the Rovers Return. Their tenure lasted three years before they sold it to Alec Gilroy
7. Don Brennan tried to kill Mike Baldwin three times, the third time was fatal: for Don!
8. At 56, Ken Barlow didn't expect to be a father again. He was overjoyed when Daniel was born, but soon enough, his mother Denise left the street with Daniel
9. In 1996, Audrey Roberts met up with her son Stephen who had been adopted and had moved to Canada with his new parents. During his stay in Weatherfield, he made business deals with Mike Baldwin and made Mike's wife Alma smitten
10. Mike and Alma Baldwin's seven year marriage ended when Mike had an affair with ex prostitute Julia Stone in 1999
11. Jim McDonald disciplined his sons - usually with his fists!
12. Remember 'Free the Weatherfield One'? Thanks to exes Ken and Mike, Deirdre Rachid was freed from prison after she was sentenced for a crime she didn't committ
13. Babysitter Carmel Finnan proved a threat to the Platt household in 1993
14. Norman and Raquel Watts' marriage only lasted a few months
15. Kevin Webster's affair with Natalie Horrocks in 1997 ended his eleven year marriage to Sally

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