Sunday, 12 July 2009

Photos from 00s Corrie

1. Meeting husband Ernest's killer Ed Jackson in 2006 led Emily Bishop to question her faith
Cilla Brown made poor Rita Sullivan's life hell in 2004
It was an end of an era when Vera Duckworth passed away in 2008, leaving Jack alone after 50 years of marriage
Nearly 25 years after their first wedding, Ken and Deirdre tied the knot again in 2005
Audrey Roberts feels guilty for putting too much on pressure on old friend Fred Elliott that proved fatal in 2006
Norris Cole was taken aback when business partner Rita rejected his marriage proposal in 2007
Les Battersby met and married Cilla Brown in 2004 and they combined their names so it could be 'Battersby-Brown'
Roy Cropper was shocked to hear wife Hayley's confession that she had a son from the time she was a man
Close your eyes! Deirdre Rachid had an affair with boss Dev Alahan in 2001, behind poor Ken's back!
Gail Platt was charmed by Richard Hillman and soon married him. She was a bit put out when he revealed to be a serial killer!
Sixteen years after their first wedding, Kevin and Sally Webster remarried. They said it was for the sake of the girls, but gradually, love began to take over
In 2004, Steve McDonald had to fight off two women: wife Karen and the mother of his child Tracy Barlow
Ashley Peacock tried to help second wife Claire through her post natal depression
An unlikely couple were Tyrone Dobbs and Maria Sutherland. The only link were dogs!
Liam Connor proposed to Maria Sutherland in 2008. In a few months, he'd be in a coffin!
Rosie Webster's flirtation with her teacher John Stape developed into a relationship in 2007
Sarah Platt struggled to accept that boyfriend Todd was gay. She later moved on to his brother Jason and married him
David Platt nearly killed mum Gail in 2008 when he pushed her down the stairs

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