Monday, 6 July 2009

Photos from 80s Corrie

1. Stan Ogden sent Hilda a Valentine's card and she thought it was from Alf Roberts. She was surprised when Stan revealed he had written it
2. In 1982, Betty Turpin met up with old flame Ted Farrell. He was revealed to be Gordon Clegg's father, but Betty didn't tell him and he left the cobbles not knowing that he was a father
3. Elsie Tanner left the street in 1984, a place she had called her home for 40 years
4. Shopkeeper Alf Roberts had a political war with assistant Deirdre Barlow in 1987 when they fought for the same seat. Deirdre won that led to poor Alf having a heart attack
5. Emily Bishop took Norman Watts in as a lodger in 1983 and during his tenure on the street, Norman respected and remained a close friend to Emily
6. In 1989, Rita Fairclough found out that boyfriend Alan Bradley had been stealing from her. When she confronted him, he tried to kill her. She fled to Blackpool and while chasing her on the prom, he was killed by a tram
7. In a bid to buying himself a pub, Fred Gee had to have a wife. After failing to woo Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin, he married Eunice Nuttall in 1981. The plan failed and they were seperated by 1982
8. Sworn enemies Ivy and Gail Tilsley had to comfort each other in 1989 when Ivy's son and Gail's husband Brian was stabbed to death
9. Jack and Vera Duckworth moved into Number 9 in 1983 and quickly made their mark when they installed stone cladding in 1989, that annoyed neighbours Percy Sugden, Emily Bishop and Mike Baldwin
10. Mavis Riley was suprisingly involved in a love triangle in 1983, when both Derek Wilton and Victor Pendlebury wanted to be her hubby. She settled for Derek in the end, but it wasn't 1988 that they finally married
11. Mavis' love triangle was overshadowed by a bigger one, the Ken/Deirdre/Mike triangle. Mike failed to have his woman and the Barlows stuck together until Ken's affair in 1989
12. Bet Lynch finally married in 1987, to bumbling Alec Gilroy - a man so different to her traditional conquests (Len, Mike and Ken). It would be the first time a couple would be behind the bar since Jack and Annie back in the sixties
13. Ken Barlow's blood boiled when daughter Susan married rival Mike Baldwin in 1986. He was relieved when they divorced in 1988
14. Following the footsteps of Ken and Valerie in the sixties, Brian and Gail were married throughout the decade and are regarded as another supercouple
15. Kevin Webster married Sally Seddon in 1986 and they moved in with Hilda Ogden at Number Thirteen. They would buy the house the following year after Hilda's departure


  1. Surely Brian and Gail were divorced and then remarried during the 1980s - a first for this soap?

  2. They divorced in 1987 and remarried in 1988, so technically they were married throughout the 80s.