Friday, 3 July 2009

Photos from 70s Corrie

1. Minnie Caldwell calls off her engagement to Albert Tatlock in 1974
2. Ena Sharples caused problems for councillors Alf Roberts and Len Fairclough in 1971
3. Joe Donnelli keeps Minnie Caldwell and her cat Bobby hostage in 1970, and later kills himself
4. Annie Walker was in her element as First Lady of Weatherfield in 1973 when she was appointed by Alf Roberts
5. Stan and Hilda Ogden led the comedy section of the soap through the 1970s
6. Betty Turpin decided at the last minute to attend husband Cyril's funeral, as she was at the centre of controversy when she was revealed to be the mother of her 'nephew' Gordon Clegg
7. Elsie Tanner married third husband Alan Howard in 1970. Alan soon went into debt and sought comfort from the bottle than from his wife. In an attempt to start afresh, they left for Newcastle in 1973. Elsie returned alone in 1976 and divorced Alan in 1978
8. Len Fairclough hired ex jailbird Eddie Yeats as an apprentice in 1976 and found him useful when sorting out a man who tried to con Ena Sharples
9. Eddie Yeats persuades his landlady Hilda Ogden to try her hand at painting, much to her husband Stan's annoyance
10. Maggie Clegg hired Norma Ford as her assistant at the corner shop in 1972. Norma was the one to bring Maggie and her future husband Ron Cooke together in 1973
11. Alf Roberts was fond of Maggie Clegg and proposed to her in 1974. She rejected only to marry Ron Cooke a few months later. Alf was not best pleased I'm sure!
12. Emily Nugent met and married Ernest Bishop in 1972 and they were married for six years
13. Ernest Bishop met his maker in 1978, when robbers burst into Mike Baldwin's factory wanting money. The gun accidentally went off and Ernest died on the operating table. Ed Jackson, the killer, would return to the street 28 years later to beg forgiveness from Ernest's widow Emily
14. Rita Littlewood hired Mavis Riley as her assistant at 'The Kabin' in 1973 and thus began a partnership that lasted 24 years
15. Billy Walker returned to Weatherfield in 1970, to help his mother Annie after his father Jack's death. He would cause grief for his mother, go into debt and nearly marry Deirdre Hunt. He fled for Jersey in 1975
16. Ken Barlow's marriage to Janet Reid only lasted a few months and is referred to as a storyline to keep Ken's character interesting
17. Busty barmaid Bet Lynch had many conquests in the 1970s and Mike Baldwin was one of them
18. Cockney factory owner Mike Baldwin hired Ernest Bishop as his wages clerk in 1976, a job that would prove fatal in time
19. Ray Langton married Deirdre Hunt in 1975. By 1978, things had turned sour and he left her for Holland
20. Deirdre Langton gave birth to daughter Tracy in 1977. After Ray's departure, Deirdre sought refuge with next door neighbour Emily Bishop, who was also Tracy's godmother
21. Gail Potter lodged at Number 11 with Elsie Tanner and Suzie Birchall between 1976 and 1979, before marrying Brian Tilsley


  1. Len didn't take Eddie on as an apprentice in 1976. Eddie helped Len out in 1979 after Len collasped through overwork.

  2. I've got a DVD on 1976, and Eddie helped Len in one episode.