Monday, 23 November 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

5. Tony Gordon

Following the footsteps of Alan Bradley and Richard Hillman, villain Tony Gordon was introduced in 2007 as the owner of a clothing firm who gave a contract to Underworld owners Carla and Liam Connor. Over the course of two years he courted and eventually married Carla, found out about Carla’s affair with her brother in law Liam and planned revenge by ordering a hitman to run Liam down on Tony’s stag night. Not only a murderer, he was a ruthless businessman. In 2008, he planned to expand Underworld and to do that he wanted to buy The Kabin and the garage. When that failed, he planned to demolish a terraced street where Jed Stone lived. Evicted Jed found himself lodging with Emily Bishop which infuriated Tony. And on Christmas Day 2008, Jed accused Tony of murdering Liam. Tony strangled Jed, who survived. Carla found out about Liam’s death and left Tony, who began a relationship with Liam’s widow Maria. He then proposed to Maria who accepted. In October 2009, Roy Cropper discovered Tony was a murderer and Tony tried to kill him as well. Guilty, he eventually confessed to the murder.

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  1. I love this guy. He's god. Tony Gordon is a good respected businessman who has a guilty conscience after killing Liam Connor out of love.