Monday, 12 October 2009

Top 50 Coronation Street Characters

12. Richard Hillman

Richard’s first appearance was in the funeral of his alleged cousin Alma Halliwell. He soon became friends with Alma’s friend Gail Platt and they dated. Richard married Gail in 2002 and thus began the most gripping storyline in British soap history. A charming financial advisor, he persuaded Emily Bishop and the Duckworths to invest in him. He went into partnership with Duggie Ferguson, but when Duggie fell down the stairs, Richard left him to die. Ex wife Patricia seemed a threat to Richard’s life with Gail and he dealt with her by fatally killing her with a spade. He then became interested in Audrey’s finances and convinced her that she was going senile in a bit to access her money and even tried to kill her by setting her house on fire. Failing to kill Audrey, his next victim was Emily. He tried to smother her and when he tried to bludgeon her, he was caught by Maxine Peacock, who he murdered. Soon enough, Gail became suspicious and confronted him. Richard confessed everything and escaped. But he returned, only to kidnap the family and drive them to the canal. Only Richard perished.

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